I love learning about the way that people, the world, and the universe, all work.

Nature is endlessly and wondrously complex – and people make it doubly so. As a man, I try to understand my place in it all, and how it's all inside me. As a designer I strive to make it simpler, and more seamless. As a leader, I seek to lay a path that brings others to a higher place in themselves.

All of this blends together beyond just 'work' or 'my life'; what we spend time doing and who we spend it with says a lot - so better be good. Say hi, and let's have an interesting conversation.

Well, that sounds nice. What’s the business version of that?

With over 15 years of hands-on design, and design leadership, across Fortune clients spanning diverse industries, the results of my work have been used by millions of people world-wide, across languages barriers and business environments. My passion to create thoughtful design solutions means I enjoy diving into all parts of the process; from initial business discovery and problem definition, service design and research, leading UX and Digital Design teams, through working closely with implementation teams to make sure the solution comes to life as it was initially dreamed.

My career has also spanned into leadership inside the organization: from leading and building teams and studios, to helping shape the larger organization and drive internal process and policy; all built around the idea of creating human-shaped places to create human-shaped work. I strive to make my communication style clear, diplomatic, and emotionally-intelligent – no matter the audience.